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Driveway & Patio Cleaning and Resealing

We offer a professional high pressure jet cleaning and resealing service for driveways, paths and patios, throughout Wales, whether its block paving, paving slabs or imprinted concrete.

We also repair damaged concrete and offer a full recolouring and resealing service using the best quality materials available on the market.

Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned using high powered jets, and following the removal of any debris and weeds, it is then sealed multiple times and then finally with our non-slip coating.

Our sealers are available in matt or gloss finishes. Some companies only apply one coat of sealer we average three coats depending on the condition of the surface.

Sealing any concrete based driveway, path or patio prevents it from being stained by oil from your vehicles, from general dirt ingress, grass cuttings and consequent mold, also reducing ultra-violet rays that can fade the colour.

With our high powered pressure jet cleaning and our specialised detergents and solvents, we can even remove vehicle oil stains.

We can assure you that you will be impressed on how we can revitalise the colour of the original surface.

Generally and dependant upon traffic, resealing needs only to be carried out once in every three to five years to maintain a prestine appearance and structural integrity of the surface

We have made significant investments in equipment and training to ensure our clientele are entirely satisfied with every job we are asked to undertake.

Our concrete driveway cleaning, repair and sealing service is available throughout South Wales.