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Stone Effect Rendering

Our stone effect concrete render overlay offer a cost effective alternative to traditional stone, manufactured stone and tiling. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, its incredible bonding properties ensure many years of maintenance-free designs for walls and floors. With it’s excellent thermal insulation qualities help to retain heat, helping to reduce energy costs.

We are based in South Wales, and can install our unique overlay system inside or outside your home, at a fraction of the price of old fashioned stone-work.

Using our unique arcrete wall rendering system we can create deep wall textures with amazing results.

Our fully trained expert installers can create any style or type of stone, brick or tile so realistically it is impossible to tell the difference.

Our unique wall render can be applied to most surfaces including: plasterboard, Styrofoam, wood, concrete, brick etc.

The Concrete Overlay Product is formulated to give somewhat of a sculpture like performance. It is a Wall Overlay System based on a cementicious dry mix designed specifically for deep wall textures creating that realistic 3D appearance of various Stone and brick patterns created with Stone overlay and Brick Overlay.

Our Render Wall Mix has been tested and developed for years to achieve optimum performance. The Wall Overlay Stamped System is a lightweight insulated overlay material that is applied directly over drywall, wood, masonry and various other surfaces without requiring a foundation. WALL MIX can be applied upto 2.5-3cm thick without sagging. A few applications include: fireplace surrounds, interior and exterior walls, foundations, retaining walls and chimneys.

Please view our Stone Effect Render Gallery.