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Frequently Asked Questions


What is decorative concrete overlay?

Decorative concrete is a polymer modified cementitious mix designed to give excellent protective durability, while decorating almost any new or existing substrate to simulate stone, tile, brick, slate, and many other configurations.


How durable is it and will it crack?

Yes, it is a very durable product. Even though we all know that concrete can crack and occasionally some hairline cracking may occur depending on how the substrate was built. We take all precautions possible to prevent cracking. They do not effect the integrity of the product.


Do you have to be certified to install the product?

Yes, whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we do require that all individuals obtain certification through an authorised training provider. Once you are certified you will be listed on our website as a certified installer of our products.


How long does the colour last?

If sealed and maintained properly the colour should last the life of the substrate that it was installed upon.


What types of sealers are typically used?

For colouring you would use the water based Flex-Seal which also would be used as a final seal on vertical work. For final seal on horizontal work you would use the satin finish water based Seal or the solvent based Zylene Sealer, or for custom applications you would use a High Performance Urethane.


What substrates can you apply the product?

You may apply the the product over wood, plywood, concrete, painted or unpainted concrete, drywall, sheetrock, tile (ceramic or clay), brick, stucco, and other masonry surfaces.


How often do you need to reseal the product?

Inside you might only need to reseal every 5 to 10 years depending on the amount of traffic. Outside you may need to reseal every 3 to 5 years depending on the traffic and weather elements on overlays, but only every 10yrs on wall application in normal conditions and then only if it is required.


How much does the product weigh in comparison to real stone or manufactured stone?

Our decorative concrete overlays are approx. 2/3 the weight of concrete, the wall overlays are approx. 1/2 the weight of concrete, therefore there is no structural reinforcement necessary.


Is it a fireproof material?

Our concrete overlay is a non-combustible material which allows you to use in fireplace, kitchen, and electrical areas, etc. with no problem.


Do you hold trainings in Wales only?

We are currently the only training provider in the UK, but if it was required and enough individuals required training and the facilities available,  we could possibly arrange to come to you.


Is the product cooler to walk on than regular concrete?

Because of the way the concrete overlay is manufactured, the material can dissipate the heat a lot faster, making the surface cooler.


Is it waterproof?

All of our concrete overlay materials can withstand wetness, yet for 100% submersion situations such as pools, ponds, showers, etc. we have a special horizontal and vertical overlay that can withstand these situations.


Who can we call with questions or any installation issues we may have? 

As the regional distributor please do not hesitate to give me a call.